what is kybella?

Kybella is used for a specific purpose and that is to target the fat deposit that lays beneath the chin. This procedure is able to define your overall profile giving your jawline a naturally more snatched appearance. We administer multiple injections under your chin all within a matter of 20 minutes. The non-surgical procedure is becoming the next big thing in aesthetics medicine.

Our Expertise

Dynasty Aesthetics is known to perform reputable Kybella services. All equipment is properly sterilized and the clinic is highly maintained. Our skilled aestheticians have the proper knowledge and background to correctly administer the substances leading you to amazing results

Benefits of the Kybella

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that eliminates the double chin appearance.

Areas it Can Treat:
– Youthful results
– Permanent Results
– A Safe and Gentle Way to Eliminate the Chin Fat
– Little to no downtime
– Minimally-invasive

Consult with our professionals to learn more about all the treatable areas using Kybella.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kybella works?

In short term, Kybella Uses an Acid Naturally Found in the Body.

Are Kybella treatment results permanent?

Yes, you shouldn’t require any further treatment afterward. The excess fat cells will be gone for good, and you’ll enjoy a younger, more refreshed appearance.

how many injections will i need?

Our team will articulate your individual needs and concerns and determine how many injections are appropriate to achieve the desired results. The tiny injections inserted in the double chin comprise of deoxycholic acid, which helps in the breakdown of fat cells before being absorbed and banished from the body.

How Long is the downtime?

With little to no downtime at all after receiving Kybella treatment, you may return to and resume your everyday activities immediately. Although there may be some minor and temporary effects, this lasts for a short time and eventually dissipates.

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